Dark Middle Ages: Spanning the 5th-16th Centuries, A.D.  You know, the good old days.

The Middle Ages, Dark Ages, Medieval Period, or What Have You

Welcome to this website. It is so awesome that it will knock your socks off. Which is fine, because people in the Middle Ages usually didn't wear socks as we know them.

Medieval History

The Middle Ages cover a broad period from about the 5th century to the 16th century A.D. They spanned the end of the classical era until the beginning of the modern era. Many wars took place in the Middle Ages which shaped modern Europe as we know it.

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A couple of knights pointing the business end of their medieval weapons at another knight.

Weapons and Warfare

Early in the Middle Ages, popular weapons were double-edged swords, axes, spears, and short bows. These weapons remained popular in one form or another throughout the medieval period.

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A picture of a castle.


While modern rich men like to drive around in fortified automobiles, known as Hummers, medieval rich men liked to live in fortified homes, known as castles.

Castles filled important offensive and defensive military purposes. They...

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A hearty medieval feast.

Life in the Middle Ages

When one thinks of the middle ages, oftentimes images of knights, castles, and damsels in distress may color his imagination. For the majority of Europeans, however, life consisted of dirt poor conditions and long...

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Art, Archetecture, and Mythology

There were lots of different artistic styles in the Middle Ages, such as the following:

  • Early Christian Art
  • Byzantine Art...

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A solid basis for a system of government.

In this farcical aquatic ceremony, a watery tart is distributing swords and supreme executive power.

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